Amateur Radio is a service licensed by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Amateur Radio allows the licensee to take part in many activities that provide service to the community, teach radio technology, and teach communication techniques while having fun. There is a long history of Amateur Radio and Scouting working together to allow youth to take part in the fun and learning.

The Northeast Georgia Council of the Boy Scouts of America has a larger than average portion of its membership holding Amateur Radio Licenses. Ther Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society (GARS) and other radio clubs in Northeast Georgia provide many demonstrations of Amateur Radio and Scouting throughout the area. One of the most important and fun opportunities is Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) which takes place the third weekend in October. JOTA allows Scouts around the country and around the world to learn about Amateur Radio and communicate with other Scouts. Scouts also can learn radio in greater depth by taking the Radio Merit Badge.

KK4BSA is a club callsign for the Northeast Georgia Council Radio Club. The license trustee is Steve Back, WB2OGY. Our goal is to expose more Scouts and Scouters to Amateur Radio. In July of 2007 an Amateur Radio Repeater station using the callsign KK4BSA was permanently installed at Camp Rainey Mountain (CRM) near Clayton, GA. When activated by a club member the repeater will receive transmissions on 444.5 MHz and retransmit them on 449.5 MHz. The camp location and topography makes communication via Cell Phones and FRS Radios unreliable. The repeater allows licensed operators with a UHF hand held radio to have perfect communications in and around camp. This communications will greatly enhance safety and security around camp, especially during major events. To get the most from the repeater we hope to see an increase in the quantity of licensed Scouts and Scouters.